How to Block a Neighbor’s Security Camera – Detailed Answer

There are several reasons why it may be necessary to block your neighbor’s security cameras. In this article, you will get to learn how to block a neighbor’s security camera from a legal standpoint. Let’s dive right in!

How to Block Neighbor’s Security Camera
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Blocking Your Neighbor’s Security Camera – The Legal Perspective

A great number of us would like to take precautions to protect our apartments and keep them secure as much as we possibly can. Installing a motion sensor and a wireless security camera is what many people go for.

But before assembling security cameras, you need to put your neighbors into consideration. You will also need to understand the legal implications of any action you take. Unfortunately, many people care little or nothing about their neighbors.

People have laid complaints continuously, seeking help on how to disable their neighbor’s surveillance camera. These complaints prove that these individuals are bothered and may also feel violated.

These complainants have expressed their discomfort continuously as an invasion of privacy. They have expressed concern that their neighbors may be exhibiting traits of voyeurism. So, either way, they express distrust.

It’s no longer news that CCTV systems are gradually becoming globally recognized as one of the most effective means to prevent property trespass. They have been proven to be efficient in curbing crimes, and ultimately, keeping the surroundings safe. 

So, you may want to keep in mind that your neighbor’s already set up a surveillance camera may just be legal. The surveillance camera may as well be situated outside the home, you do not need to fret, since you only need to know the CCTV laws differ from state to state.

For instance, the CCTV regulations were introduced in the United Kingdom in 2012, and an explicit code of conduct in the following year. Now, each recording is protected by the Data Protection Act. This privacy law is against the revelation and abuse of information concerning private individuals.

However, if you seek to read and understand these laws, you may as well just get the guide from a fire protection company based in the United Kingdom.

In the United States, these surveillance laws vary from state to state. Consequently, there are over fifty different CCTV regulations, which will be in the interest of business owners to check out.

Can My Neighbor’s Security Camera Take Footage of My Property?

Your neighbor’s security camera can record the happenings on your premises. This is because surveillance cameras today tend to have extensive coverage and high-definition film.

They are capable of covering a large area of your street and having a good overview of your yard. High-tech surveillance cameras have their pecks and hiccups. However, one may want to overlook their setbacks and focus on their benefits. A surveillance camera can undoubtedly cover a vast expanse. 

In case of a burglary, you can easily rewind the camera’s footage and take out every piece of information you may need. Police officers have found this footage more than helpful in capturing burglars and perpetrators.

However, amid the excitement that you may feel as regards your camera’s ability to capture, you may have captured your neighbor’s surroundings and everything that happened there. Some surveillance cameras may even be able to see and record through the louvers of your neighbor’s house. Most interestingly, these cameras have fantastic clarity.

Moreover, let us not forget to mention that these surveillance cameras can also audio record. So, you’ve certainly not addressed the video record issue, how do you address this? So, our focus then shifts from blinding a surveillance camera to distorting surveillance cameras entirely.

However, bear in mind that the CCTV legislation differs across the United States. As earlier discussed, some states give no license for the filming of the neighbor’s property. Alternatively, other countries give license for both audio and video recordings so long the cameras are within the jurisdiction of your property. 

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How to Blind Your Neighbor’s Surveillance Camera?

To block a neighbor’s surveillance camera, do the following:

i. Speak to your neighbor first

ii. Confirm if the security camera is authentic

iii. Know the legal implications of your actions

iv. Contact the relevant law enforcement agencies

v. Install surveillance cameras in your property too

vi. Hack the security camera

vii. Use a well-positioned LED bulb

Speak to Your Neighbor First

It is always better to have an open conversation about your displeasures and insecurities. You may have noticed that your neighbor’s surveillance camera points right into your lawn and front yard. You can quickly speak to them concerning it.

Meet up with them, approach them in a polite, non-confrontational manner, and express your concern. Try using languages and words that are not offensive and rough; you certainly don’t want to upset your neighbor and end up and in a nasty situation.

Sometimes, however, these cameras may not even be facing your front yard; they just only appear to. So, the best thing to do is to stay calm, approach your neighbor nicely, and express your concern.

Confirm if the Security Camera is Authentic

Well, of course, your neighbor may have just considered getting a fake surveillance camera to pursue petty thieves and burglars. So, before you freak out, relax, and carry out some research concerning your neighbor’s device.

So, you may want to ask, how do I tell a fake security camera from a genuine one?. It’s quite simple. A good surveillance camera has flashes of infrared light, a unique brand name, and wonderful clarity. You’re right to think that a fake security camera lacks these things.

They most times have unknown brand names and strait field of vision. In other words, they are inferior in quality. For this reason, you really do not have to fret about your house is under surveillance.

Know the Legal Implications of Your Action

Assuming that your discussion with your neighbor didn’t work out as planned, and the cameras aren’t fake either, then you should talk to the head or mediator of your local district or community. Most small towns and cities have mediation centers where everyone can raise issues of concern to them.

These centers aim to alleviate difficulties in the neighborhood. To help find a lasting solution regarding any issue that may arise among members of the community.

The community mediator will undoubtedly discuss with both parties and ultimately help them conclude. Extensively, talking to your community mediator about it might just save you from headaches. 

Contact the Relevant Law Enforcement Agencies

If talking to your neighbor, investigating failed, and talking with the local mediators failed. Now, you should consider talking to your lawyer about it. This may be the most effective way possible to deal with this situation.

However, while you’re busy with the lawsuit, you should consider blocking the device’s field of vision as best as you can. This may be the best time to plant trees. You can place shrubs in well thought out positions throughout your yard. You could also place impediments like a trampoline to obstruct the device’s view.

In addition, you should consider getting big, thick curtains for your living room. You should also consider having tinted louvers if your situation is critical.

Install Surveillance Cameras in Your Property Too

Since your neighbor has refused to yield, you should just get your security camera. Moreover, the same security camera legislation applies to you both. So, get a security camera and install them on the front yard, ensuring that they’re pointed directly towards your neighbor.

This way, your neighbor hopefully gets to realize what he or she has been doing. Moreover, you rest assured that your property is safe.

Hack the Security Camera

Any outdoor surveillance camera can be hacked if it uses Wi-Fi to connect. All you need is a laptop, the network name, the device’s IP address, and the router’s address. You can also disconnect the device from the network temporarily by continually sending de-authorization packets to the device.

This way, you get to distort the device’s connection completely and then hack into it. So, make sure you continually send the packets to the surveillance camera.

Use a Well-positioned LED Bulb

Firstly, for you to install any LED light, you need to know the precise location of your neighbor’s device. Once you get the location, try pointing your LED light directly into the lens of the device.

However, bear in mind that this system can only work at night and in confined areas. So, you’re at an advantage if the space between your house and your neighbor’s device is enclosed. But if the area is not confined, then you’ll most likely get your privacy at night.

In the long run, your neighbor will discover that the surveillance camera is disrupted by the time they check any of the footage. Nevertheless, you should only consider this option if talking with your neighbor proved to be no good.

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What are Some of the Unconventional Ways of Blinding Surveillance Cameras?

The unconventional ways of blinding surveillance cameras include:

i. Using LED lights

ii. Using a laser pointer

iii. Using security camera jammers

iv. Cutting the cables

v. Spraying paint on the security camera

Let’s expound on them…

Using LED Lights

As earlier discussed, you will need to put a lot of things in place if you are considering installing an LED light. After getting the exact position of the neighboring device, install the LED light such that its rays shine straight into the lens of the camera.

Using a Laser Pointer

Another option is an infrared laser. The infrared or laser pointer can effectively disrupt a surveillance camera, but it can cause damage. While this may be a great option, bear in mind that the security camera can capture you while you are getting the laser ready.

Using Security Camera Jammers

For you to be able to distort surveillance cameras with jammers, you will need to know the device’s broadcast frequency. You will also need to see the kind of equipment needed to jam the broadcast frequency. Once this is done, your privacy is restored.

Again, you can hack into the surveillance system with the aid of a laptop. However, the only setback to this method is that the CCTV cameras would still keep on working.

Cutting the Cables

If you ever consider cutting the camera’s cable, you might want to have a rethink. First, before you can jam a cabled surveillance camera, you’ll need some electrically insulated equipment. And then, some expertise will be required. However, if you’re caught, your neighbor reserves the right to sue you.

Spraying Paint on the Security Camera

Spraying a surveillance camera with spray paint is undoubtedly the least pragmatic approach in blinding a surveillance camera. But before you even have a chance to carry out your plan, the motion sensor would have been triggered, and your neighbor can do whatever he deems fit to you.

We do not suggest that you adopt these methods. Using any one of these methods can make your neighbor report you for trying to trespass into private property.

Video: Blocking Your Neighbor’s Security Camera

Check out this video to see how to block your neighbor’s security camera…

Can You Disable a Security Camera with a Laser Pointer?

A security camera can be disabled with a laser pointer. The average laser pointer will not damage a security camera. Lasers are coherent beams of light. The same way a light bulb gives off heat when it is on, is the same way lasers disseminate heat also.

Some laser pointers can effectively distort the sensor on your surveillance camera. These lasers are capable of melting the sensor in exceptional cases. Also, for you to be able to disarm a surveillance camera using a laser pointer efficiently, you’ll need to be within a range of five meters. This way, you place the laser pointer to hit the camera sensor directly.

How to Protect a Security Camera from a Lase Pointer

Follow the procedures below to effectively protect your surveillance camera from laser pointers:

i. Install a moving PTZ surveillance camera so that the device is harder to track.

ii. Install security cameras on a high plane to make it harder for anyone to aim directly into the sensor.

iii. Do your research as regards CCTV installation, the cost, and commitment.

iv. Install more than one surveillance camera in an area to make it harder for anyone to distort your cameras.

v. Install a blinding notification software to receive a notification peradventure a laser beam is on the hardware. 

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What are Security Camera Jammers?

A jammer is an electronic device that hampers radio reception. It prevents mobile phones from transmitting and receiving signals. So, a jammer can prevent a camera from receiving and sending signals. This way, all forms of recordings are stopped.

Many jammers transmit radio signals on nearly equal radio frequency as other mobile phones nearby. The only difference is, they send a much more powerful radio signal to nearby masts or towers. As a result, immediately a jammer is triggered, the jammer’s signal quickly drowns out all other neighboring signals.

A mobile phone is a two-way device. But, just like a transceiver, the mobile phone first needs to send a radio signal to a mast close by before transmitting the signal to the person on the other tail end of the line or call. 

The mast no longer has an option than to support this robust and artificial signal.

Additionally, a mobile phone operates on two distinct frequencies, a frequency for talking and the other for listening. Communication can be distorted if one of them is down. In other words, if the listening frequency is dropped, the entire call is dropped and vice versa. So, a jammer “tricks” the mobile phone into believing that either rate is gone, which ultimately stops the entire call.

The jammer also affects signals of all frequency types. It is, for this reason, the jammer can intercept any call at all and not just a particular phone model or service.

However, jammers are considered unlawful in the United States for a majority of reasons. They have been proven not just to affect mobile phones. In fact, they could also distort nearby wireless connectivity systems, harming local businesses.

Lastly, people are always worried that jammers could interfere in the dissemination of essential information. And this concern is mostly associated with public transportation.

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There are several ways to block your neighbor’s security cameras. But in all, using security camera jammers or installing your camera is the best option.

How to Block Neighbors Security Camera – Related FAQs

Will a Security Camera Work Through a Window?

Motion sensor security cameras are designed to work through a window or glass. They can determine the variations in pixels and record footage through windows, if positioned properly. The downside of using security cameras through windows is that they produce blurred or whiteout images. The video also tend to get washed out, thanks to the light overexposure during dark hours. To prevent this from happening, switch off IR lights at night.

Another issue that arises when motion sensor security cameras penetrate windows is it is prone to setting off false alarms.

How Can You Tell if There is a Camera in a Room?

To tell if there is a security camera in a room, switch off the lights and then peruse the room with a flashlight. Since most security cameras have tiny lens, it will reflect the flashlight if it is in the same direction.

Another good way to find out if a room is being monitored with a security camera is by spy camera-finding app like the RF Signal Detector and Feeke. These apps are not all that expensive, but they are very effective.

How Long Do Hidden Cameras Record?

Hidden cameras can keep on recording as long as there is enough space in its storage. Hidden security cameras that come with an 8 GB Micro SD card will last for over 360 days if what it records is just about 30 seconds daily. If a spy camera is equipped with a rechargeable battery, it can be plugged into a power source for it to keep on recording.

If a spy camera with an 8 GB Micro SD card is used to cover a busy environment like a highway, it will only last for about 24 hours.

What Causes Interference on Security Cameras?

The cause of interference on security cameras is the running of their cables over a huge power source. When the power source is shut off, a load unbalance is created and that’s what leads to the interference. To prevent this, ensure that the security camera cables are not run close to the power source. Preferably a 12-inch gap should be given.

Metal buildings also cause interference on security cameras. To prevent video ground loops, place a stick between the wall and the security camera.

Why is My Security Camera Blurry at Night?

The images produced by a security camera is usually blurry at night because of the reflection of light. The IR mode of security cameras try to light up so that it can detect movement at night. When that happens, objects around the vicinity may bounce the light.

Another reason why foggy images are produced by security cameras at night is that the lens may be dirty or the power cables may be too long. Whichever the case is, correct it and the issue will be resolved.

How Can You Detect a Hidden Camera Outside?

To detect a hidden security camera, download any hidden camera detector or tracker app on Android or iOS devices. Once the app is installed and launched, it can track any hidden security camera in the vicinity. The app shoots an infrared beam that shows the direction of a hidden security camera’s reflection. An app called Fing that is compatible with Android and iOS devices is the best for detecting hidden security cameras.

It is free and ads-free. The Fing app is quite easy to use and it has a user’s guide in case first-timers are breaking a sweat.