What are the Best Outdoor Motion Detector Light – Honest Answer

There are tons of outdoor motion detector lights in the market. Hence, choosing the best one for your property can be a challenge. Thankfully, we are here to furnish you with everything you need to know about motion detector lights. You will get to know what are the best outdoor motion detector light and what you can benefit from them.

What are the Best Outdoor Motion Detector Light
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What are the Types of Outdoor Motion Detector Lights

The types of motion detector lights for outdoor use include:

i. Decorative outdoor motion detector lights

ii. Solar-powered motion detector lights

iii. Smart outdoor lights

iv. Wall lights

v. Ceiling and hanging lights

vi. Post and pier mount lights

vii. Security lights

viii. Landscape lights

ix. Sensor lights

x. Dusk to dawn lights

xi. Dusk to dawn and motion sensor lights

Let’s tell you more about them…

Decorative Outdoor Motion Detector Lights

Are you concerned about how your installation area would look like after installation? Then, you may want to consider getting a flexible lighting system. Arguably, wired circuit installation is not as safe and convenient as the wireless installation. If your security lighting requires a lot of circuitry, you would want to get a technician to do the job for you. However, that may be an additional cost to your budget.

So, go for an option that requires less wiring. This way, you can do the installation yourself and save costs. Asides cost-effectiveness, you may also want to consider the appearance of the installation area. To this effect, we would suggest you go for a battery or solar-powered option.

The battery-powered options have very little or no wiring at all. So, you do not need to worry about wires hanging over your security lighting. You can use this security lighting system in your doorway, garage, yard, and any other pathway.

Solar-powered Motion Detector Lights

Getting a solar-powered motion detector light is safe and convenient. Just like the battery-powered motion detector light, the solar-powered option requires minimal wiring. Some require no installation at all. They are accompanied by solar panels that enable fast charge.

Some of them require at least six to eight hours of charging to reach full charge. If your security lighting system is fully charged, they can last all through the night without tripping off.

A powerful solar-powered security lighting system is the URPOWER 44 LED motion sensor outdoor light. This product offers an amazing lightning feature. It is accompanied by 44 light-emitting diodes (LEDs) that obey dim mode instructions. So, you can adjust the brightness of your motion detector light to suit your preference.

Currently, a lot of energy-saving awareness has been moved. The major highpoint is on how you can conserve energy, save cost, and still stay safe. It focuses on how solar-powered systems can improve productivity and, at the same time,  keep the environment clean and safe.

Smart Outdoor Lighting

Technology has grown beyond smartphone development and energy conservation. We now have buoyant smart home systems that enable you to control devices in your home remotely. Most times, these devices are connected to a server and the server to your smartphone.

So, if you have an already existing smart home network, you should purchase a lighting system that can connect through Bluetooth. This will enable you to control your motion detectors sensitivity, cover range, e.t.c, through your already existing app. Home security just got better!

You can get the motion detector bulbs at an affordable price. They have several styles and colors, and they are very efficient. You do not have to worry about continually changing them.

We recommend the Philips Hue Smart Floodlight for your convenience. This product has amassed positive feedback and reviews from customers and sellers alike. The Philips smart bulb can fit easily into a standard power outlet. They can be connected to your smartphone through the Philips Hue app. This will enable you to control your motion detector lighting and all its features remotely.

Wall Lights

How Effective are wall Lights?

Wall lights are one of the most convenient lighting systems. This is because they can be fixed easily on a vertical surface. They are mostly used in yards, porches, pathways, and garages.

They do not obstruct the flow of any other activity. They occupy a very small space, and customers agree that they are one of the most effective security mechanisms. They are durable, and some of them have really attractive features that add to the home’s aesthetics.

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Ceiling and Hanging Lights

If you feel that your veranda is poorly lit and may need extra lighting, then you should opt for ceiling or hanging lights. Roof or ceiling lights hang from beneath the lamp holder, and they are great options for damp areas.

However, before you install your hanging lights, ensure that the area is not susceptible to rain. You can fix a roof-like structure to prevent rain from touching your lights if the area is not covered enough. Hanging lights are wonderful options for lighting up the outside of your home. You can use hanging lights in patios and porches.

Post and Pier Mount Lights

How is a Post and Pier Light Mounted?

The post and pier lighting system is mounted on poles to aid drivers and passersby see clearly. Since they are typically installed in open spaces, they are usually waterproof. Their water-resistance design enables them to withstand harsh weather conditions. They are strong and durable, and they typically have long hours LED lifetime. 

When purchasing a post light, read through the instruction manual and get the recommended diameter for the post, you would be mounting your light on.

The post lights can be likened to the pier mount lights. However, unlike the post lights, the pier mount lights are fashioned to be mounted on walls and columns. They do not require a post or pole for installation. However, if you would like to combine both lighting systems, then you would need to consult your technician for a better understanding.

Finally, if you do not have a pole to mount your post light, then you would need to get an adaptor that offers you the liberty to mount your lights on walls and columns. The post and pier mount lights are best used on driveways and pathways.

Security Lights

Security lights are also known as motion sensor lights. Because of their unique ability to cover a wide range, detect movement accurately and light up the environment, they are usually the quickest home security solution that many people opt for. So, the whole idea is to deter the burglar from going any further once he sees the security lights turn on.

Fortunately, your security lights do not have to be boring too. You can get decorative detector lights to add to the home’s aesthetics. They are excellent for areas with immense traffic as they would come on automatically whenever they need to.

Home security lighting systems are best for use in dark areas that are seldom used. They light up the dark nooks and crannies and leave the burglar with no other option than to run. So, get security lights into areas that you hardly use for convenience.

You can check out customers’ reviews on different brands and get the one that best suits your preference. They are best used in alleys, pathways, and garages.

Landscape Lights

What is a Landscape Light?

The landscape lighting is a home security lighting system, installed on public spaces and private gardens. They are used to enhance aesthetics at night,  security, and, finally, safety. Landscape lights can be used together with flood, path, and spotlights to improve your property’s outlook.

Sensor Lights

Sensor lights are designed to come on when they sense movement within its cover range, which makes them one of the best security options. They are most suitable for areas that people would have to pass through before getting to your front door. Asides its security advantage, you can rest assured that your property is lit immediately you get within the cover range. This will reduce the number of accidents on your property.

Dusk to Dawn Lights

What is a Dusk to Dawn Light?

The Dusk to dawn lights are also known as night lights. They are specially designed with photo sensors that enable them to come on and turn off automatically as the sun sets and rises. You can install these lights without breaking a sweat.

Additionally, you don’t have to worry about your lights going off as these lights are specially designed to rely upon the sun’s rising and setting. Your lights shine all through the night and, in turn, gives your property a warm and welcoming look.

Motion Sensor and Dusk to Dawn Lights

This kind of lighting system combines the features of dusk to dawn and motion sensor lighting systems. This lighting system offers both security and dusk to dawn lighting operation.

Home security lighting is imperative to the security and safety of our homes. It provides quiet we desire. Since most people are searching for ways to lessen pollution and cut down on utility bills, they opt for outdoor motion detector lights. They are safe, convenient, and cost-effective.

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What are the Questions to Ask When Choosing Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights?

Before picking an outdoor motion sensor light, ask the following questions, and pay attention to their answers…

i. What is the kind of power source the lights use — a battery, a solar system, or a standard power outlet?

ii. What is the mode of operation?

iii. Is the motion sensor light for illumination, decoration, and/or security?

iv. What does your budget look like?

v. Do the features of a particular motion sensor light suit your preference?

vi. How close is the desired installation area from the power source?

Putting all these questions into consideration will help you to settle for an option that fits right into your preference. However, if your budget is reasonably high, then you can settle for products that offer automation system options, bright lighting, and a heavy power source. You can simply go online to check out customers’ reviews on these products.

Furthermore, if your budget is relatively low or you just want to settle for an option with minimal brightness, then there are so many options that you may want to look at. Some products offer a dim mode. The dim mode is an adjustable brightness option. You can adjust and readjust the brightness without breaking a sweat.

So, the main features you are to consider your budget, the product’s features, and length of the warranty, the kind of power source you would like to use, and the product’s brightness.

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How to Choose the Appropriate Size of an Outdoor Motion Sensor Light?

Before you set out to buy a lighting fixture, take measurements of your outdoor layout. Ask yourself questions like do you want to purchase pier or post mount lights? Do you have the columns and poles you can mount them on? Do you have enough space for the type of fixture you want to get?

Front porch wall lights are relatively the most visible attachments on your property. They are usually installed beside the front door. If you have just one front door, then you should consider getting a lighting fixture that is about one-third of the door’s height.

If you want to get two lighting fixtures, then get units that are one-fourth the height of the door. Install them on both sides of the door. However, if you have double doors, then you can get lighting fixtures that are a bit larger than a quarter of the doors’ height.

On the other hand, if your space is tall enough to shelter hanging lights, then you should opt for it. Hanging lights are a great solution to give your exterior spaces that warm and welcoming glow. Fix warm and ambient bulbs in your hanging fixture.

If your space is not tall enough, you can opt for ceiling-mounted lights. They are great options for keeping your exterior space warm and inviting.

Finally, the main aim of outdoor lighting is to give off a lowly toned lighting level. You don’t want your exterior spaces looking so bright; it could nearly blind your neighbor’s eyes. Outdoor spaces require less lighting than an indoor living room. This means that the overall lighting should be more theatrical and a lot less focused on tasks.

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Do Outdoor Motion Detectors Complement Decoration?

Outdoor motion detectors will enhance the appeal of any environment. Their soft and warm glow makes your property more inviting and welcoming. So, if you would like an ambient lighting system, settle for colors that are not so bright.

For lower ambient light settings, settle for lower color temperature lights that are relatively warmer. So, instead of getting bright white LED bulbs, go for a softer orange color that adds a little glow to your property.

Carry out installations on different parts of your property. If it is around a pool, install soft color lights around your pool and install other lights that complement the colors around the pool. This will give the space a layered look.

You can seek advice from your technician or home decorator, to provide you with a recommendation or test out lights on your property.

You can use the same design of lighting fixtures around your property. This will give your property a more unified and cohesive look. However, if you are unable to get accessories of the same fashion, you can get lights of the same lighting group.

For adequate security, install enough lights on your premises. Endeavor to install lights in dark nooks and crannies. Areas that need ample lighting are the pathways, front porch, and covered patios.

Video: A List of the Best Outdoor Motion detectors Lights

Check out this video to see some of the best outdoor motion detector lights in the market…

How Bright Should Outdoor Lights Be?

An outdoor motion detector light of 1200 to 1400 lumens is bright enough to provide adequate illumination and security. Consider getting a light bulb between 50 to 185 lumens for wall mount while the general terrain lights should be between 50 to 300 lumens.

Since the intervention of light-emitting diodes (LEDs), lumens are more recognized. The LED bulbs are gradually taking over the light bulb market. The major highpoint is that; they are brighter, more versatile, energy-conserving, emit less heat, and reliable.

To understand the lumen measurement more clearly, take this instance. Lumens are used to measure the degree of brightness, just like a liter is a measurement for volume. Consequently, a light bulb that gives off a darker shade of light has fewer lumens, while a light bulb that gives off a brighter shade has more lumens.


To wrap up, ensure that you go for the outdoor motion detector light that meets your security needs. But remember to consider your budget and the product’s features before you let go of your hard-earned cash.

What are the Best Outdoor Motion Detector Light – Related FAQs

Do Motion Sensor Lights Go Bad?

Motion sensors are bound to go bad over time. When the sensor is bad, the light will not work properly. Good maintenance culture can help to extend the life of a motion sensor. No matter how sophisticated a motion sensor light is, issues will still arise from its internal or external components. Outdoor motion sensor lights are more likely to go bad before their internal counterparts.

The good thing about motion sensor lights is that they can be repaired when they go bad, so users don’t have to spend more money replacing them.

What is the Brightest Motion Sensor Light?

The brightest motion sensor light in the market is the LeonLite motion detector light. With its 180 degrees rotation angle, the LeonLite detector can notice movements from 80 feet away. It is packed with 1800 lumens, which makes it shines as bright as a vehicle’s headlights. For those who stay in rural or poorly-lit areas, this motion detector is the best option.

Even though the LeonLite motion detector light shines very bright, it still saves energy and power of over 85%. On top of all that, it comes at a pocket-friendly price.

Do Motion Sensor Lights Deter Thieves?

The major reason for the installation of motion sensor lights is to deter thieves. Whether they are installed indoors or outdoors, motion sensor lights serve the same basic purpose—security. Intruders will think twice before breaking into a property that is protected by motion sensor lights and cameras. Since most theft cases are perpetrated in the dark, motion sensors lights working at night will help to reduce the rate.

Motion sensor lights can be controlled remotely, so even if a property owner is not around, they can rest assured that their property is safe.

Does Cold Weather Affect Motion Sensor Lights?

Motion sensor lights are affected by cold weather. During the winter and autumn, these security lights become more sensitive and functional. The colder the environment, the quicker a motion sensor light will detect any movement by a body producing heat. Motion sensor lights are developed in such a way that they can detect temperature changes of bodies within their field-of-view.

On the other hand, motion sensor lights tend to be less sensitive in hot regions. This is because the temperature variations between the moving bodies and the motion sensor are quite similar, making detection more difficult.

Do LED Lights Flicker When Burning Out?

LED lights flicker as they burn out because the voltage running through them is dropping over time. Unlike LED bulbs flickering does not affect incandescent and halogen bulbs because they can keep their heat level high enough as voltage drops. Another problem that causes flickering is when LED security lights are set up with dimmer switches that are not compatible with them.

To stop a LED security light from flickering, upgrade the dimmer switch with a compatible one and the bulbs should be dimmable.

Can You Turn Any Light into a Motion Sensor Light?

Just about any light can be converted to a motion sensor light. A porch light can be turned into a motion sensor light by switching the bulb. Most porch light bulbs come with passive infrared sensors that can be used for motion detection. As a body emits heat, the light will turn on if it is connected properly.

The process of converting a porch light or any other light to a motion sensor light is quite tedious and complicated because it involves loads of rewiring and connections.

What are Wet-rated and Damp-rated Outdoor Lights?

Wet-rated lights are otherwise called wet location lights. They are designed to fit anyplace directly affected by rain or wind. Wet location lights are the spotlights, dark lights, motion detector lights, and post lights.

The damp-rated attachments are designed to fit anyplace not directly exposed to rainfall and wind. They are usually fixed in covered patios and verandas. Damp location fixtures are hanging lights and ceiling lights.