Where to Buy Motion Sensor Light – 3 Top Picks

If you have been following our posts on the site, you probably already know the tons of benefits that you can get from buying a motion sensor light. So, if you are wondering where to buy motion sensor light, we have got you covered.

Where to Buy Motion Sensor Light
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We will not only give you a list of the best motion sensor light brands and stores but also let you in on some secrets you have to know before you spend your hard-earned money on lights. Without further ado, let’s dive right into it.

What to Consider When Buying Motion Sensor Lights

When buying a motion sensor light, consider the following:

i. Battery supported

ii. Coverage angle

iii. Coverage depth

iv. Luminosity

v. Durability

vi. Encasement

vii. Placement

viii. Auto-reset mode

ix. Adjustability

Let’s shed more light on them…

Battery Supported

Why are Battery-supported Motion Sensor Lights Important?

As an electrical device, a power outage may render it useless. So, batteries will come in handy. Battery support is more important if you have a mobile motion sensor, which you will carry anywhere. On average, the battery of a high-end motion sensor light should last for at least 10 hours.

The cell type of motion sensor light battery determines the capacity of the battery. We advise you to always go for Lithium-Ion cells when getting a battery-powered motion sensor light.

Coverage Angle

Why is the Coverage Angle of a Motion Sensor Light Important?

The coverage angle indicates the extent to which the LED lights of your motion sensor can cover. It tells you how wide your motion sensor can detect. It allows motion sensors to project their lights in equal detection width. Ideally, you should go for motion sensor lights with a coverage angle of 120 degrees or more.

Most motion sensor lights that can boast of such coverage angle come in rectangular shapes and have the same length with tube lights.

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Coverage Depth

How Does Coverage Depth Affect a Motion Sensor Light?

The coverage depth is very peculiar to the coverage angle. It is an indication of the distance your motion sensor light and sensor can cover. Some questions you should ask yourself are: is the coverage distance more than five meters? How far can the device cover? Is the coverage distance suitable for my security needs?

You should ask the aforementioned questions because some motion sensor lights boast an impressive sensitivity, but their coverage distance is minimal. An example of such a motion sensor light is the PIR sensor light.

Ideally, a motion sensor light should not have less than five meters of coverage distance. Thankfully, the bulk of motion sensor lights in the market boast of a minimum of seven meters coverage depth.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t get motion sensor lights that have over 50 meters coverage depth. You just have to be ready to go for them because they are quite pricey. Then again, that is understandable, considering that only one can cover a large property.


Why Should a Buyer Consider the Luminosity of Motion Sensor Lights?

The primary purpose of these devices is to light up your property, thereby enhancing visibility. So, you must consider the luminosity or the brightness of a motion sensor light before you buy it.

Battery-powered motion sensor lights can offer about a thousand lumens or more. General solar-powered lights can come with about 1200 lumens or 5k brightness if you want something higher, you have to request for add-on features from the manufacturer.


You must consider the longevity of a motion sensor light before you settle for it. Note that durability is not limited to the strength of a motion sensor light materials. It covers every component of the device.

As a tip, always go for waterproof lights if you want to install them outdoors. These devices will not be affected by the elements or dust. The materials used in making a device will determine its durability. So, ensure that the motion sensor light you are getting is not made of fragile materials.


What is Motion Sensor Light Encasement?

The encasement of motion sensor lights means the direction of the focus of the light. It is where you desire your light to have maximum effectiveness. Motion sensor light encasement boosts the LED bulbs and sensitivity of your device.

The encasement of a motion sensor light is influenced by the size and shape of the device. You can increase or decrease it per square foot for better surveillance.


How Does Placement Affect a Motion Sensor Light?

Solar-powered lights need to be well-positioned to the sun to generate more energy. This is why placement is essential. If the solar device does not receive enough sunlight, it will not function effectively.

Although most of these devices are equipped with solar panels, you will need to position them well. Otherwise, the panels will almost be ineffective. Solar-powered sensor lights with wiring are the best long-distance placement. But then, you can still use wireless solar-powered lights if that’s what you prefer.

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Auto-reset Mode

When there is a power surge or power supply interruption, your motion sensor light can be affected. It may switch on by itself and refuse to go off. This is when the auto-reset mode of the device comes in handy.

You just have to set it correctly for it to automatically reset itself once there is a power interruption. If you do not know how to go about this, you can peruse the device’s user manual. You can also manually cut off the power supply for about two minutes and put it on again.


Adjustable motion sensor lights are better than those that are not. These devices can cover several areas at a time. Some even allow users to get broader lighting patterns.

In addition, if you want to get rid of the nuisance triggers or false alarms, you can tweak your device’s sensitivity. This way, only the desired movements will be detected.

That’s not all there is to adjustability. Some motion sensor lights can remain for as long as its battery can last. This feature is mainly present in electric-powered motion sensor lights because solar-powered lights will die out quickly.

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What are Some of the Best Brands of Motion Sensor Lights

The best motion sensor light brands in the market include:

i. All-Pro


iii. Mr. Beams


All-Pro has been in the industry for years. Its customer base keeps expanding, thanks to its consistency in delivering premium-grade security lights. One of its best products is the All-Pro Revolve Triple Head Motion Sensor Light.

This device comes in bronze or white color. You can mount it on your patio, eaves, or any suitable outdoor location. With its attractive appearance, it will complement the outdoor decoration of your property. As if that’s not enough, the All-Pro Revolve Triple Head Motion Sensor Light boasts a coverage angle of 270 degrees, one of the highest you can find.

This product has a lumen capacity or 2500, which is sufficient to make your property look like the sun never sets around it. As a wired device, you must connect it to a power outlet. Its light will stay put for about 25 minutes, which is quite impressive.


When it comes to eco-friendly products, you can count on URPOWER. In fact, it is their foremost vision to make only eco-friendly products. One of such products is the URPOWER Motion Sensor Light.

As a solar-powered device, the URPOWER Motion Sensor Light will be fully charged in five hours. Once that happens, it will have enough power to illuminate and detect movements within a 10-feet range. This device is particularly suitable for persons who return home late at night.

Mr. Beams

A “best motion sensor light” list is incomplete if Mr. Beams does not make the cut! Customer satisfaction is the watchword of the brand that has never failed to surpass the expectations of the sensor light users around the world.

One of its on-demand product is the Mr. Beams Wireless Battery-Operated Motion Sensor LED Spotlight. The great thing about this device is that it is installable anywhere. It is also battery-powered, so you don’t need the sun or electricity.

The battery life of this device is up to one year. It can automatically direct its light anywhere you want it. Although the bulbs only offer 2pp lumens, it will last a considerable amount of time because it stays put for only 15 seconds.

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Closing Remarks

As a property owner, you need to have strategically-placed motion sensor lights in your property. This will help to deter thieves from making unauthorized entries.

From our findings, the best motion sensor light brands to buy from are URPOWER, All-Pro and Mr. Beams. Their products are tested and trusted. You can get them online or by simply visiting the nearest home security store.

Where to Buy Motion Sensor Light – Related FAQs

Where is the Best Place to Put a Motion Sensor Light Indoors?

The best position to install a motion sensor light is the corner of a room, and it should be quite far from door or window. This is because those areas are usually the first place the eye of a visitor or an intruder goes to when they enter a building. Also, motion sensor lights should be at least 6 feet from the ground and away from heating systems like vents.

Motion sensor lights can be installed on a ceiling, so that it is triggered once someone is under its field-of-view. Ceilings help to provide considerable covering for motion sensor lights.

How Do I Remove an Alarm Sensor from a Door or Window?

To remove an alarm sensor from a window or window, clear the zone programming. For this to be possible, the system’s Installer Code is needed. Next, disconnect and take out the wires from the sensor and panel. For a recessed sensor, get to the wire terminals by removing it from the door or window frame. A screwdriver is recommended for all disconnection activities.

The final step is to take out the magnet from the window or door. Again, a screwdriver will come in handy when removing an alarm sensor that is mounted with screws. For magnets mounted via double-sided foam tape, removing the alarm sensor will be by using adhesives.

Does a Motion Sensor Light Need a Switch?

While some motion sensor lights require a switch to function, others do not. High-end motion sensor lights are usually remote-controlled, which is better than going through the stress of identifying a good location to mount a switch and the cost of installation. It is recommended that buyers check the manufacturer’s guide before buying a motion sensor light to know whether or not it comes with a switch.

If a motion sensor light is packed with a switch, users are mandated by NEC Article 110.3(B) to install and use it.

Do LED Bulbs Work in Old Fixtures?

LED bulbs can work in an old light fixture or any fixture for that matter so long it is not in air-tight. However, users are advised not to use motion sensor LED bulbs on old dimmer systems because they will affect their longevity. Under the right voltage and fitting, motion sensor LED bulbs can be placed in incandescent and halogen fixtures.

No matter the light fixture you are going to use, ensure that it is appealing to the eyes. Also, consider the wattage (power consumption) and lumens (brightness) of the motion sensor light LED bulbs.

How Do You Change a Motion Sensor Light Bulb?

To change a dead or bad motion sensor light bulb, put a cloth between the bulb and your skin and then turn the bulb in an anti-clockwise direction. Continue turning the light bulb until it is loosed from the socket. Now, dispose of the old light bulb following the instructions of the manufacturer.

Use the lint-free cloth to pick up a new light bulb and screw it into its socket in a clockwise manner. Ensure it is tight before leaving it to suspend freely.

What is the Red Wire for on a Motion Detector Light Switch?

The red wire on a motion detector light is for providing power to the light fixture of a two-way switch. The switch leg should have the red wire for, otherwise, powering won’t be possible. Two other black wires are can be placed in any position on the switch.

To know the switch leg, restore power to the light fixture as the old switch is being connected. But then, the switch should be switched off as both wires are used to touch the voltage detector.

Which Color Temperature Should I Go for?

The best color temperature for you to go for is 5K. This will allow you to brightly illuminate desired areas of your property, thus scaring off intruders. There are different types of 5K bulbs available in the market, so know what you are looking for. You can go for floodlights, dusk to dawn bulbs, and many more.

The great thing about these motion sensor bulbs is that they are eco-friendly. So, if you really care about the environment, you have to go for these devices. Some of the devices are automated, so you can conveniently operate them for any location.